In Y Soft, there is a group of Clojure fans (including myself) that are fool enough to participate as contestants in Clojure cup and we are looking forward to see you there as well!closure-cup

Clojure cup is a world-wide competition where you develop a Clojure or ClojureScript application in 48 hours and then being judged by some of the big names from Clojure comunity, including Craig Andera, Reid Drapper, Michael Fogus and others. The competition starts on Sept 27th 0.00 am UTC, which means it will start at 2.00 am local time (Czech Republic). You must do all your work during 48 hours without any previous code prepared, however, you can use any publicly available libraries (including your own).

We are considering using Clojure stack on our next products and think this is a great opportunity to both, test the suitability of Clojure on real world application and deepen our knowledge of the language and platform in general. We already have a complete team of four people, but if you are looking for spaces where all your team could meet and stay near Brno, definitely get in touch with us on our twitter – @ysoftdevs and we could all meet at our beautiful HQ offices.

See you there and good luck to all of us. We are looking forward to see your great applications.