On the January 15, we will have a pleasure to host Zdenek Nemec from Apiary as a main speaker at the first Technology Hour in 2015. Zdenek will be showing us how to model great APIs using REST architecture on a real-world sample of iPhone application. With that, Kyle Fuller will assist him.


As you might expect, he will show us how to use the tools provided by Apiary for this purpose, especially the platform-agnostic language for describing REST APIs called Blueprint. After the event, as usual, there will be a ton of food and drinks to support everyone in staying a bit longer and to enjoy free discussions on any topics you like.

If you are interested in the topic, or just want to hang out with smart people, you are more than welcomed to join us at Y Soft offices at Prague 4. More information and RSVP at meetup.com/ysoft-th. Thank you very much for sharing on twitter, facebook or wherever you know like-minded people.

See you all there.