UA management server

This is an introduction to UAM project - management server for Universal appliances (new TPv4, eDee and SafeQube) and the Vert.x framework on which...

PF 2018

We wish you all the best in 2018. Here is small game for you. Find your way through the labyrinth.

Developer testing – effective QA against the rules

Yes, you heard right! Developer testing. It means testing done by developers! And yes, I’m talking about the confirmation testing, which is known as...

PF 2015

I have good news for you. Waiting is over. New game for you is finally here. The goals is simple: find same or similar cards. There are...

Processing a result set of a LEFT JOIN

When you work with queries that involve a LEFT JOIN on a 1:n relation, you usually want to map the parent to a collection...

Printing from Android devices

As many of you may know, Android supports native printing since Android 4.4. This means, that there is new api handling communication between application...

Provisioning with Chef

Chef is an automation platform designed to help the deployment and provisioningprocess during software development and in production. Chef can, in cooperation...

Builder pattern without getters

I like builders. If you've ever seen a constructor with ten parameters, eight of which can be null, you probably like builders, too. While...

One Robot operates multiple devices

At Y Soft, we use robots to test our solutions for verification and validation aspects, we are interested if the system works...

Modular sensor platform – Part 1

Y Soft is using a robotic arm for testing multi-functional devices, but the robotic arm is not enough for our testing purpose. We need...