Cost of Consistency

Opting for a distributed solution of a problem is mostly motivated by two goals: resilience to failures (via redundancy) and better response time. In this post...

User Stories and Quality

In my previous post, I started elaboration of a simple user story about Embedded Terminal Application deployment. There we have focused on the middle part...

Stakeholders and Qualities in User Stories

User Stories seem to be my favourite topic these days...…the idea behind this post started with seemingly innocent user story, like this:I, as an...

Universal Reaction Time Measurements of Embedded Systems

Reaction time measurement is a process of acquiring timespan for how long it takes for the tested device to change its state after clicking...

Pac-Man is chasing ghosts near Y Soft HQ

It's true! Ghosts are gathering around our Y Soft HQ in Brno. Only Pac-Man with your help can save us.

Developer testing – effective QA against the rules

Yes, you heard right! Developer testing. It means testing done by developers! And yes, I’m talking about the confirmation testing, which is known as...

PF 2019

Wishing you good luck and great success in year 2019. Here is small puzzle game for you based on Sokoban: Source code is available at GitHub. You...

Builder pattern without getters

I like builders. If you've ever seen a constructor with ten parameters, eight of which can be null, you probably like builders, too. While...

Quota System test data DSL

We use Liquibase in our project as a DB change management tool. We use it to create our DB schema with the basic configuration...

Processing a result set of a LEFT JOIN

When you work with queries that involve a LEFT JOIN on a 1:n relation, you usually want to map the parent to a collection...