On April 26th 2014, the very first public Technology Hour meetup took place in Y Soft on Doudlebska 1699/5 7th floor. We had a pleasure to host Adam Warski with his excelent topic on spray.io, a framework for building REST services on top of Scala’s actor based framework.

Almost a year later – on April 16th, Adam agreed to come again to celebrate a 1 year anniversary with us. Those of you knowing Adam, you will not be surprised that his talk for following TH is again a topic from Scala world. Adam will show us, how to be reactive with Akka framework and what exactely it means.

As usual, we all are expecting a lot of fruity discussions after the talk during meal and beverages. You can find more details about the TH on our meetup page and RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/ysoft-th/events/221544632/.