Y Soft at Geecon 2023: Java, Krtek, OAuth and Beyond

Another year has passed, and with that, the Geecon conference came back to town, and so did we. With a focus on...

Y Soft at WUG Days 2022

After the two-year break, we got a chance to come back to WUG Days 2022. It is the largest Czech free educational...

Y Soft LeSS transformation

Because at Y Soft we believe that sharing is caring, we have decided to organize a public meetup and share...
NDC London Badges

NDC London 2020

This year in January, my colleague Adam Melkus and I had the opportunity to attend NDC London. I attended NDC London back...

Wireshark – Not Just the Hacking Tool

Přijď 7.11.2017 od 18:00 k nám do Y Softu, Technická 13, Brno na pilotní díl Tech Support Meetupu. Víš, co se ti děje na síti? Co...

Slides from talk Mobile Applications

Presented at Gymnázium Brno-Řečkovice.
Black Hat Europe 2015

FindSecurityBugs in Amsterdam (Black Hat)

Black Hat is a famous computer security conference held annually in the USA, Europe and Asia. Philippe Arteau, the original developer of FindSecurityBugs, was...

Y Soft Hacking Sport

In November 2015, the third year of the Czech Hackathon was held in Prague. The challenge was to create in less than 2 days...

Robot Challenge 2015 Competition

Members of our Robot team have participated in the worldwide competition of robots on the 11 April to 12 April in 2015, which was held...

GeeCON 2015 Moves the JAVA World in Prague

Do you want to attend the famous developer conference, GeeCON, in the Czech Republic? No problem! Y Soft and GeeCON’s organizers bring it to...