On May 21st, there will be another episode of Technology Hour meetup at Y Soft’s Prague offices. This time, I will present a topic myself. I will be talking about the model for building concurrent applications, incorporated for example in Go language developed by Google, called Communicating Sequential Processes – better known as CSP.

The CSP is now becoming a hot topic, thanks to a simple but powerful way for thinking about concurrent applications, which is traditionally seen as a tough thing. That’s why there is a library/implementation of CSP available for almost any language and platform, including Clojure with their core.async.

I am looking forward to show you practical examples in Go language with a little comparison with other techniques for writing concurrent applications. I hope you will come and enjoy it with me. RSVP at known place – our meetup page meetup.com/ysoft-th.


On April 26th 2014, the very first public Technology Hour meetup took place in Y Soft on Doudlebska 1699/5 7th floor. We had a pleasure to host Adam Warski with his excelent topic on spray.io, a framework for building REST services on top of Scala’s actor based framework.

Almost a year later – on April 16th, Adam agreed to come again to celebrate a 1 year anniversary with us. Those of you knowing Adam, you will not be surprised that his talk for following TH is again a topic from Scala world. Adam will show us, how to be reactive with Akka framework and what exactely it means.

As usual, we all are expecting a lot of fruity discussions after the talk during meal and beverages. You can find more details about the TH on our meetup page and RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/ysoft-th/events/221544632/.


Let me invite you to a next Technology hour, which will be kind of a special. This time, we are very pleased to host Mark Seemann, who accepted our invitation. Mark is a seasoned developer, known primarily in .NET community as an author of Dependency Injection in .NET, however, he is also a long time blogger at http://blog.ploeh.dkpluralsight author, international speaker and open source developer.

When I said this time will be special, it is because this will be the first topic primarily focused on .NET platform, which is a platform I spent the most of my professional life as a developer so far. And Mark had a great influence on how I write the code today.

Mark will be talking about Equivalency classes, as a way to think about inputs for your functions and how can you leverage that in TDD. This concept is more commonly referred to as Property-based testing and Mark is going to show you both, general concept, as well as tools which you can use in .NET development. The samples presented here will be written in F#, using primarily FsCheck testing library. But don’t worry, no prior F# knowledge is required. If you are C#, Java, or Scala developer, you’ll be fine.

So, you might be thinking right now, is this going to be interesting for me, when I am, say, Java developer or Scala or Ruby? Sure, it is! Property-based testing is now a hot topic, not only in functional world and Mark is really great in explaining things, simply but accurately. And with the knowledge and examples gathered on this TH you can then apply them on your particular platform of choice.

So, if you are still deciding whether or not to come, I would really encourage you to visit us and RSVP at, I hope by today, well known place http://www.meetup.com/ysoft-th/events/219802203/. As usual, after the talk, there will be a bit to eat, something to drink and a lot to talk about. See you there.

On the January 15, we will have a pleasure to host Zdenek Nemec from Apiary as a main speaker at the first Technology Hour in 2015. Zdenek will be showing us how to model great APIs using REST architecture on a real-world sample of iPhone application. With that, Kyle Fuller will assist him.


As you might expect, he will show us how to use the tools provided by Apiary for this purpose, especially the platform-agnostic language for describing REST APIs called Blueprint. After the event, as usual, there will be a ton of food and drinks to support everyone in staying a bit longer and to enjoy free discussions on any topics you like.

If you are interested in the topic, or just want to hang out with smart people, you are more than welcomed to join us at Y Soft offices at Prague 4. More information and RSVP at meetup.com/ysoft-th. Thank you very much for sharing on twitter, facebook or wherever you know like-minded people.

See you all there.