It’s easy to create vertical text block selection in IntelliJ Idea.

Click Mouse wheel and drag.

Mouse wheel click is sometimes mapped to a function in operating system and selection won’t work.

There is alternative shortcut. Press ALT and drag cursor (by left click).

You’ll select vertical text block.

Newer versions of IntelliJ Idea have support for multiple cursors. Each line of selection will contain one cursor.

Common feature in many application is possibility to zoom text content by Ctrl+Mouse Wheel.

IntelliJ Idea has this feature, but it’s disabled by default.

You can enable zoom in few steps. Open Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S), search for “zoom“, select Editor.


Check the option “Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel“. Click OK and enjoy the zoom feature 🙂

Sometimes it is necessary to modify several places in text file at once.

Sublime Text has very neat feature: multiple cursors.

Point mouse cursor at desired text location, press CTRL and left click. You can repeat this operation several times.


You’ll see multiple cursors and as you start typing all cursors will perform the same operation.