Cost of Consistency

Opting for a distributed solution of a problem is mostly motivated by two goals: resilience to failures (via redundancy) and better response time. In this post...

Test Crunch conference: Robot Framework workshop materials

For those, who has attended Robot Framework workshop on Test Crunch conference you can find more details about environment setup, source codes and books below. Installing...

Calibration – how robot learns the environment

In QA we use robotic arm to autonomously operate a multifunctional device (MFD) according to a given test that is repetitive, time consuming or...

Printing from Android devices

As many of you may know, Android supports native printing since Android 4.4. This means, that there is new api handling communication between application...

Quota System test data DSL

We use Liquibase in our project as a DB change management tool. We use it to create our DB schema with the basic configuration...

Developer testing – effective QA against the rules

Yes, you heard right! Developer testing. It means testing done by developers! And yes, I’m talking about the confirmation testing, which is known as...

FFFI 2015

0 Learn more about FFFI.

Builder pattern without getters

I like builders. If you've ever seen a constructor with ten parameters, eight of which can be null, you probably like builders, too. While...

Slides from talk at FI MUNI: C in our wold 2015

Slides available in formats: PDF, SlideShare Source code: GitHub/ysoftdevs/cpp-examples

Pac-Man is chasing ghosts near Y Soft HQ

It's true! Ghosts are gathering around our Y Soft HQ in Brno. Only Pac-Man with your help can save us.