Developer testing – effective QA against the rules

Yes, you heard right! Developer testing. It means testing done by developers! And yes, I’m talking about the confirmation testing, which is known as...

Executing Gradle Sonar Runner from Bamboo

SonaQube is great tool for monitoring quality of source code. Gradle projects can be easily integrated with SonarQube by Sonar Runner Plugin. You can start analysis...

Experience Y Soft world

What we do We create intelligent enterprise office solutions that build smart business and empower employees to be more productive and creative. Our YSoft SafeQ Workflow...

Slides from talk at FI MUNI: C++ in our wold

Slides available in formats: PDF, SlideShare Source code: GitHub/ysoftdevs/cpp-examples

Log processing, 1. part – architecture overview

This article is a first one of planned series focused on log processing, therefore YSoft SafeQ monitoring. It explains goals of log monitoring and...

My Collection of Acronyms

Over the years, I have acummulated several acronyms, which I believe capture essence of various disciplines done right. Here are some picks from my...

Y Soft Training Program

0 Watch our video stream at Vimeo or Youtube.

PF 2019

Wishing you good luck and great success in year 2019. Here is small puzzle game for you based on Sokoban: Source code is available at GitHub. You...

Printing from Android devices

As many of you may know, Android supports native printing since Android 4.4. This means, that there is new api handling communication between application...

Quota System test data DSL

We use Liquibase in our project as a DB change management tool. We use it to create our DB schema with the basic configuration...