Teaching and Learning Unit Testing

One of our internal projects at Y Soft R&D carried out by the Lead Developers is to prepare and maintain internal teaching materials. We...

Sending SOAP with MIME attachments from .NET application

Writing a .NET client for a third-party SOAP web service is relatively simple and straightforward task. Web is full of tutorials or how-to-examples which...

User Stories and Quality

In my previous post, I started elaboration of a simple user story about Embedded Terminal Application deployment. There we have focused on the middle part...

Builder pattern without getters

I like builders. If you've ever seen a constructor with ten parameters, eight of which can be null, you probably like builders, too. While...

Calibration – how robot learns the environment

In QA we use robotic arm to autonomously operate a multifunctional device (MFD) according to a given test that is repetitive, time consuming or...

Open mode and close mode

Creating architecture of new product, inventing new solutions or finding breakthrough is not easy. It requires open mind. Check out speech on Creativity delivered by John...

Log processing, 1. part – architecture overview

This article is a first one of planned series focused on log processing, therefore YSoft SafeQ monitoring. It explains goals of log monitoring and...

Mediator design pattern in modern applications

Mediator itself is a pretty old and well-known design pattern. It promotes loosely-coupled communication between objects which reduces chaotic dependencies and forces...

Slides from talk at FI MUNI: C in our world 2019

Slides available in formats: PDF, SlideShare Source code: GitHub/ysoftdevs/cpp-examples

Robotic revolution

When will the robotic revolution come and what will be its impact? What does Industry 4.0 mean and how will it change the world...