How to create Gradle project with custom task classes in Groovy

Major feature of Gradle is extensibility. Developer can store common logic in a custom task class. class GreetingTask extends DefaultTask { String...

Modular sensor platform – Part 1

Y Soft is using a robotic arm for testing multi-functional devices, but the robotic arm is not enough for our testing purpose. We need...

PF 2019

Wishing you good luck and great success in year 2019. Here is small puzzle game for you based on Sokoban: Source code is available at GitHub. You...

FFFI 2015

0 Learn more about FFFI.

Qt Installer Framework

Qt Installer Framework is a quite new framework which is currently still in development. The current version contains set of tools and utilities to...

Log processing, 1. part – architecture overview

This article is a first one of planned series focused on log processing, therefore YSoft SafeQ monitoring. It explains goals of log monitoring and...

PF 2018

We wish you all the best in 2018. Here is small game for you. Find your way through the labyrinth.

Test Crunch conference: Robot Framework workshop materials

For those, who has attended Robot Framework workshop on Test Crunch conference you can find more details about environment setup, source codes and books below. Installing...

Measuring execution time of asynchronous calls

One of the systems our team develops is UI for end-users, where users can view and manage their print related data. The system is designed...

My Collection of Acronyms

Over the years, I have acummulated several acronyms, which I believe capture essence of various disciplines done right. Here are some picks from my...