UA management server

This is an introduction to UAM project - management server for Universal appliances (new TPv4, eDee and SafeQube) and the Vert.x framework on which...

My Collection of Acronyms

Over the years, I have acummulated several acronyms, which I believe capture essence of various disciplines done right. Here are some picks from my...

Qt Installer Framework

Qt Installer Framework is a quite new framework which is currently still in development. The current version contains set of tools and utilities to...

Slides from talk at FIT VUT: Continuous Delivery 2017

Slides available in formats: PDF, SlideShare

Teaching and Learning Unit Testing

One of our internal projects at Y Soft R&D carried out by the Lead Developers is to prepare and maintain internal teaching materials. We...

Sending SOAP with MIME attachments from .NET application

Writing a .NET client for a third-party SOAP web service is relatively simple and straightforward task. Web is full of tutorials or how-to-examples which...

Cost of Consistency

Opting for a distributed solution of a problem is mostly motivated by two goals: resilience to failures (via redundancy) and better response time. In this post...

FFFI 2015

0 Learn more about FFFI.

Log processing, 2. part – log and metric visualization

The first article introduced an overview of goals and architecture for log processing, next two articles will cover inputs and outputs – how can...

Printing from Android devices

As many of you may know, Android supports native printing since Android 4.4. This means, that there is new api handling communication between application...