Slides from talk at FI MUNI: C in our world 2019

Slides available in formats: PDF, SlideShare Source code: GitHub/ysoftdevs/cpp-examples

PF 2019

Wishing you good luck and great success in year 2019. Here is small puzzle game for you based on Sokoban: Source code is available at GitHub. You...

Log processing, 2. part – log and metric visualization

The first article introduced an overview of goals and architecture for log processing, next two articles will cover inputs and outputs – how can...

Sending SOAP with MIME attachments from .NET application

Writing a .NET client for a third-party SOAP web service is relatively simple and straightforward task. Web is full of tutorials or how-to-examples which...

Experience Y Soft world

What we do We create intelligent enterprise office solutions that build smart business and empower employees to be more productive and creative. Our YSoft SafeQ Workflow...

Switch-case data conversion in Java

Probably every programmer knows switch-case keywords. They are often used to convert data, e.g. some string from another (sub)system to your enum. While working...

Log processing, 1. part – architecture overview

This article is a first one of planned series focused on log processing, therefore YSoft SafeQ monitoring. It explains goals of log monitoring and...

Qt Installer Framework

Qt Installer Framework is a quite new framework which is currently still in development. The current version contains set of tools and utilities to...

How to create Gradle project with custom task classes in Groovy

Major feature of Gradle is extensibility. Developer can store common logic in a custom task class. class GreetingTask extends DefaultTask { String...

Measuring execution time of asynchronous calls

One of the systems our team develops is UI for end-users, where users can view and manage their print related data. The system is designed...